• Ion exchange resin - reduces water clusters, generates fresh, tasty and refreshing water for drinking and cooking.
  • Activated carbon - absorbs unpleasant tastes and odors, agricultural contaminants, improves the taste of water, and prevents bacterial overgrowth.
  • Natural ceramic balls with negative ions - produces negative ions to obtain an ORP between -100mV and -200mV, to reduce the oxidation of your body.
  • Ceramic balls with long infrared - provides your body with the micro-elements and mineral substances needed to maintain its balance.
  • Mineral Balls - Adjusts the pH of the water and makes it more alkaline so as to reduce body acidity.
  • PP pad - improves particle filtration.


  • Cartridge composition: activated carbon, ion exchange resin, negative potential particles, natural minerals.
  • Shelf life of cartridge: 150 liters of water or 1 month of use (thus saving water bottles).
  • Easy attachment system to the bio dynamiser device
  • Without toxic residues.
  • Color: blue.
  • Helps maintain the properties of alkaline water (pH and ORP) and carry it to work or on the go.
  • Economic and Ecological.
  • Ideal for hiking, sports, travel, camping, picnics ....


  • 18/304 high-quality stainless steel bottle.
  • 18/304 double stainless steel wall.
  • Specific closure cap for optimum sealing.
  • Without toxic residues.
  • Modern and elegant design.
  • Color: blue N4Ewater.

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